Tungsten Corp's Nevada mine is located in White Pine County.
Tungsten Corp's Nevada mine is located in White Pine County.

In Nevada, Tungsten Corp. has acquired option rights for tungsten mineralization in the Cherry Creek District, approximately 90 miles south of the town of Wells, in White Pine County, Nevada. The Cherry Creek Project encompasses approximately 2,300 acres within a 36 square mile radius. Tungsten was first discovered in the area in 1915.

Tungsten Corp has also acquired an option for 100% of the tungsten mineral rights in a the Wildhorse Mine property, located approximately 50 miles west of the town of Mackay, in Custer County, Idaho. 

“We are very pleased to commence our activities with the acquisition of these two historically notable and prospective locations that offer great opportunity for relatively rapid resumption of mining activity,” a Tungsten Corp. statement noted. "Both locations are already serviced with roads, electricity and water, making them ideal prospects for re-entry and eventual renewal of commercial production. We aim to mobilize teams of geologists and mine engineers to both locations shortly in order to sample, assess and prepare work plans and budgets for the upcoming field season." 

Tungstend Corp. has also launched a new website, which can be found here.

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