Arcam AB’s powder manufacturing subsidiary AP&C has inaugurated its new facility in in Quebec, Canada.

The manufacturing plant will employ 106 people by the end of the year, making it one of the largest employers in the region and marking a significant growth for AP&C, according to Arcam.

AP&C produces titanium metal powders for additive manufacturing (3D printing), metal injection molding, isostatic pressing and coatings.

The company has invested a total of CA$31 million in the plant and has a total production capacity of 750 tons, and eventually 1,250 tons at full capacity.

‘Our new facility represents a new and inspiring phase for Arcam and GE Additive and a major step for AP&C at a time when we strive to respond to the growing demand for additive manufacturing,’ said Alain Dupont, President of AP&C.

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