Arcast has developed a new inert gas atomizer which it says will help process a number of metal alloy systems all from a single atomizer platform.

 The multi-configurable melt chamber will also allow conventional melting in a ceramic induction crucible, rod feed induction drip melting, tube feed cold crucible arc/plasma melting and tilt-and-pour cold crucible arc/plasma melting.

The atomizer can accommodate a wide range of alloys from tin to tungsten, while clean, ceramic-free titanium (or similar metal) powders can be produced using scrap or recycled powder as feed stock. The VersaMelt has a nominal batch capacity of up to 3 kg (steel equivalent) per-cycle and multiple cycles can be performed every day.

The unit can be used by companies involved in additive manufacturing (AM) and the company says that it is keen to address the issue of recycling powder wastes generated by AM processing. The system has been designed to occupy minimal space (less than 4m cubed) and only requires modest services of water, gas and electricity.

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