Höganäs has won two awards for best paper and best poster at the 11th International Conference on Brazing which took place in Aachen, Germany, in June 2016.

During the show, Höganäs also displayed its brazing product portfolio.

The paper was presented in cooperation with SWEP, a supplier of brazed plate heat exchangers for HVAC and industrial applications, by presented by Ulrika Persson from the brazing department at Höganäs. It covered the company’s newest alloy development, a nickel based brazing alloy suitable for very corrosive environments. The paper described a real case, presenting the development process of new materials and highlighting the importance of cooperating with customers.

A poster entitled ‘Economic processing of high volume binder burn out in vacuum furnace’, put together by Martin Stroiczek from Höganäs GmbH and Ronald Stein from Schmetz, a company that develops and manufactures vacuum furnaces, won best poster award. It explained how mass production of plated heat exchangers require effective application methods together with tight control of alloy volume. A preferred application method is to apply paste by roller coating, as it, compared to spraying or foil application, reduces the total amount of applied brazing filler metal.

‘The other part of the poster describes the result of our guidance in developing a powerful plug and play binder burn out pump station as add on to existing furnace installations for Schmetz,’ said Martin Stroiczek, brazing application manager at Höganäs.

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