Linde plans to present on its atmosphere control technology at POWDERMET 2017, taking place from 13-16 June in Las Vegas, USA. 

The presentations will be of interest to manufacturers involved in PM sintering and metal injection molding (MIM) sintering processes. They are scheduled for the Furnace Atmosphere & Control technical session on 15 June.

‘Carbon Control: PM Industry Challenges and Practical Solutions in the Sintering Process’ by Akin Malas, head of applications technology, metals, Linde LLC, will discuss how process control of hydrocarbons can improve the quality and consistency of parts, and is now a benchmark for automotive and aerospace applications.

‘Protection of Sintering Furnace Equipment Against Corrosion and Carburization’ by Grzegorz Moroz, program manager, metals, Linde LLC, will detail the impact of high-temperature corrosion and carburization on parts and equipment.

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