Linde LLC has developed the Hydroflex atmosphere control system (ACS) for oxide-free annealing of steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze or brass.

It is suitable for applications such as automotive, aerospace and military components, construction and industrial equipment and electrical systems.

According to the company, consistent surface quality is important for annealing sheet metal and manufacturing quality tubing, wire and parts.

‘The Hydroflex ACS can use one or more carrier gases – nitrogen or argon – to maintain the furnace pressure while a controlled ratio of hydrogen helps prevent oxidation,’ said Akin Malas, head of application technology, metals and glass market, Linde LLC.

With the Hydroflex technology, many annealing tasks can be completed with non-flammable gas mixtures containing less than 5% hydrogen (H2). This contributes to fire safety while optimizing the use of H2 in the process.

‘The Hydroflex control system can help optimize your process efficiency and enhance productivity of your process regardless of whether you are annealing, sintering or brazing copper, steel, stainless steel, bronze or brass,’ added Grzegorz Moroz, program manager, heat treatment and atmospheres, Linde LLC. ‘First, it contributes to repeatable parts quality. In addition, a bright oxide-free finish means less rework, and a high reliability process means higher productivity.’

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