Freeman Technology says that its range of powder rheometers can help in powder metal processing.

‘It is […] vital for engineers and processors to have a good understanding of powder behaviour in order to optimise productivity and improve quality,’ the company said in a press release. ‘This is particularly applicable in powder metallurgy, where the flowability of metal powders is crucial to efficiency, including enhancing performance of additive manufacturing (AM) processes.

‘Many AM processes require layers of powder to be built up which are then selectively fused together. The way in which a powder behaves in the process is critical for achieving high levels of efficiency and productivity as well as maintaining quality attributes of the final product. However, variability in feedstocks can lead to inconsistent bulk density, non-uniform layering, low tensile strength and poor surface finish.’

Freeman reportedly recently supplied ASM International with its FT4 Powder Rheometer for metal powder testing. Both organisations say that they are confident that this collaboration will support greater use of the FT4 to improve the manufacture and use of metal powders across a range of industries.

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