PyroGenesis Canada Inc says that its Purevap process can not only transform high purity quartz to high purity silicon metal, but the process can also transform low purity quartz (97.5%) to high purity silicon metal.

‘These results are significant as the prevailing proposition suggests that the quartz purity level required to make high purity silicon metal is over 99.5%,’ said P. Peter Pascali, President and CEO of PyroGenesis. ‘Purevap has proven that to no longer be the case. We have demonstrated that the process can produce quartz of a significantly lower purity level (97.5%) as feedstock, and still produce high purity silicon metal. The implications of this are enormous when considering the potential commercial applications of the process. Conceivably, we can now take a cheap and abundant low purity quartz feedstock and transform it into a high value end product.’

The Purevap process is a process being developed by PyroGenesis which targets the transformation of quartz, in one-step, into a solar grade metal suitable for solar panel applications. This can effectively eliminate significant overheads thereby creating a simple, pure and cheap alternate to that currently available. If successful, this process could have a significant impact on the solar panel industry. 

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