Metals and alloys news, June 2020

A new film made of gold nanoparticles can change color in response to any type of movement, including bending or twisting.

How to boost the tin in your GeSn semiconductor alloys

new reaction process uses light to trigger the growth of polymer layers on a metal nanoparticle

Researchers have developed a theoretical foundation and computational tools for accurately predicting the spin dynamics of any material.

A novel silicon-ion battery with a layered metal oxide cathode and a liquid electrolyte works as well as some lithium-ion batteries.

Inspired by the Japanese art of paper cutting, engineers have designed a friction-boosting material that could be used to coat the bottom of shoes.

Applying a magnetic field to small particles of nickel suspended at the surface of water causes them to assemble into a novel active material.

By inserting metal atoms between transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers, researchers have created a whole new library of 2D materials.

A felt of nickel microfibers has the optimum combination of surface area and bubble release for producing hydrogen via electrolysis.

The transport of electronic charge in a strontium ruthenate superconductor breaks the rotational symmetry of the underlying crystal lattice.

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