Metals and alloys news, April 2022

Color-changing chameleon inspires printed photonics

colloidal photonic crystal ink enables printing of 2D and 3D colored structures using additive manufacturing techniques

Thermal solar cell made from alloys and gold

Researchers have developed a thermophotovoltaic cell that can convert heat directly to electricity with an efficiency of around 40%.

A new low-temperature annealing method can produce an alloy of gold and silver that is able to reflect every color in the spectrum.

Researchers have developed a tunable graphene-based platform that can control the interaction between light and matter in the terahertz spectrum.

With a molten salt electrolyte, a novel freeze-thaw battery could store the energy generated by renewable sources such as wind and solar for months.

A new additive material comprised of tantalum-titanium oxide nanoparticles can soak up corrosive free radicals in fuel cells.

Researchers have directly measured how individual electronic quantum states evolve in a kagome magnet in response to an external magnetic field.

Researchers have developed a nitrogen-doped carbon-coated nickel catalyst that can replace expensive platinum as the anode in fuel cells.

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