Metals and alloys news, August 2022

A bit of brushing clears dendrites away

Researchers have shown that brushing metal powder into the lithium anodes in rechargeable batteries can prevent the formation of damaging dendrites.

Using a film of gallium nitride, researchers have developed a wearable sensor that communicates wirelessly without requiring onboard chips or batteries.

Using thin-film metal oxides and perovskites, researchers have created fuel-producing artificial leaves that are light enough to float on water.

Researchers have discovered that piezoelectricity can be generated at the junction between metallic and semiconducting phases in a 2D material.

novel precursors diethanolamine (DEA) and L-ascorbic acid (AA) in spray pyrolysis produces better cuprous oxide (Cu2O) thin films for electronics

extremely sensitive MOF-based sensor meets the urgent need for detection of ultra-trace gas-phase radioactive iodine

Researchers have discovered a new strain-based mechanism that can increase both the strength and ductility of high-entropy alloys.

Using electron microscopy, researchers have identified the reasons why zinc-based battery systems often fail.

Researchers have developed a new way to probe the atomic-scale defects created inside materials by assessing the amount of energy stored within them.

Researchers have 3D-printed a dual-phase, nanostructured high-entropy alloy with both high strength and ductility.

Researchers have discovered that, unlike cuprates, nickelates are magnetic in both their superconducting and non-superconducting states.

gold nanoparticles combined with a fluorescence dye improve the in vivo detection of Aβ aggregates for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

For the first time, researchers have detected a type of quantum matter called charge density waves in a nickel oxide superconductor.

Researchers have unexpectedly discovered that tetrahedron-shaped gold nanoparticles can arrange themselves into 2D chiral superstructures.

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