Metals and alloys news, January 2023

Engineers have designed miniature robots made from a novel phase-shifting material that can rapidly and reversibly shift between liquid and solid states.

Screen printing wearable electronics for the good of our health

Electrode screen-printing process for health monitoring

new scaffold material support bone regeneration and regrowth, while reducing chance of infection

Researchers have developed an easy and cheap method for producing wearable electrodes entirely by screen-printing.

By adding plasmonic gold nanoparticles, researchers have greatly increased the efficiency of pyroelectric catalysis for hydrogen production.

Using a novel technique, a durable coating for converting toxic gases in the air into less toxic substances can be precisely integrated into fabric.

Using saltwater and nanoengineering, researchers have produced a novel aqueous battery that could help prevent electric vehicle fires.

Researchers have developed a new method for detecting the exact moment when a defect known as a keyhole forms in printed metal parts.

Researchers have developed a stretchable strain sensor that is both sensitive and capable of withstanding significant deformation.

Researchers have developed a novel method for synthesizing freestanding thin films made of metal oxide.

A novel nanobrafication method works by creating the 3D pattern of a material in a hydrogel and then shrinking it down to the nanoscale.

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