Metals and alloys news, April 2023

MXenes promise versatile thermal management

transition metal carbide and carbonitride MXenes possess optical properties in the visible and IR range ideal for thermal management applications

Additive boosts performance of all-solid-state batteries

conductive additive to high-Ni cathode boosts performance and cyclability of all-solid-state batteries

New imaging technique reveals toxicity and the potential harm of gold nanoparticles

Lightning invokes chemical reaction in a fulgurite

Researchers have come up with nano-scale devices that can transform into many different shapes and sizes even though they exist in solid states.

Researchers have created an environmentally friendly, high-efficiency photovoltaic cell that can harness ambient light to power internet of Things devices.

A novel 2D magnetic material made from an iron-based alloy and graphene is, for the first time, able to work at room temperature.

Researchers have combined two spectroscopy technques to investigate how peroxides on the surface of copper oxide can affect redox reactions.

A novel ferroelectric composite material can be used to produce medical implants with antimicrobial properties via 3D printing.

A novel computer model has revealed that the heating required for many catalytic processes is sufficient to break the chemical bonds in catalysts.

Researchers have discovered that two kinds of magnetic fields, called merons and skyrmions, can coexist in a 2D ferromagnet.

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