Metals and alloys news, June 2023

Engineers have developed a way to 3D-print two different metal materials in the same circular layer using two welding heads.

Researchers have shown that electric fields can be used to control the motion of material defects in crystalline materials.

Researchers have developed a low-temperature, vapour-phase growth method for the large-scale synthesis of semiconducting tellurium nanomesh.

Researchers have developed a new method for applying a liquid-metal coating to the surfaces of materials like paper and plastic.

Using electrolyte gating, researchers have developed a new method for tuning the thermal conductivity of lanthanum strontium cobaltite.

Researchers used several different microscopy techniques to image the reactions taking place at various specific locations on catalysts.

By forming Josephson junctions between layers of semiconductors and superconductors, researchers have developed a superconducting diode.

Researchers have developed a simple method for producing 2D materials that involves slamming a gold crystal against a bulk material.

Researchers have used 3D printing to create a new class of titanium alloys that are strong and not brittle under tension.

Researchers have developed a low-cost cobalt-based catalyst for use in an electrolyzer that produces hydrogen from water.

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