Acta Materialia Inc. symposium: award session at TMS 2017
Acta Materialia Inc. symposium: award session at TMS 2017

Acta Materialia Symposium: Award Session
Program Organizers: Carolyn Hansson, University of Waterloo

Tuesday 3:15 PM
February 28, 2017
Room: 22
Location: San Diego Convention Ctr

Session Chair: Carolyn Hansson, University of Waterloo

3:15 PM Introductory Comments 

3:25 PM  Invited
Acta Materialia Gold Medal Lecture: Dynamic Transformation of Austenite at Temperatures Well Above the Ae3John Jonas11McGill University
Recent experiments are described in which austenite is deformed at temperatures right up to the delta ferrite transus. At all temperatures, ferrite forms readily by dynamic transformation in volume fractions that increase with strain. The ferrite is produced displacively in the form of narrow Widmanstätten plates only some 200 nm wide; these gradually coalesce into polygonal grains on further straining or holding. The driving force for the transformation is the softening that accompanies the replacement of relatively hard austenite with relatively soft ferrite. Transformation softening thus accounts for the lack of increase in rolling load as the temperature gradually decreases during passage of a bar through a rolling mill. It also explains why less austenite is present than expected when transformation begins to take place on the runout table or cooling bed.

3:45 PM Question and Answer Period 

3:55 PM  Invited
Acta Materialia Silver Medal Lecture: Advanced Ceramics for Environmental Protection Materials in Extreme ConditionsJingyang Wang11Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

High efficiency engine and nuclear reactor strictly challenged extensive candidates by pushing them to their critical property limits in extreme conditions, including high temperature, oxidation, corrosion, ablation and irradiation. Advanced ceramics are enabling a wide range of reliable structural components in these extreme conditions. How do we discover new ceramics for the extreme environments and characterize them? In contrast to the typical trial-and-error approaches on exploring proper materials, strategic perspectives are recently recognized to high-throughput discovery of new candidates and adoption of novel mechanisms in promising systems. This lecture covers the topics of rare earth silicates as promising environmental barrier coating materials, super thermal insulation ceramics with high temperature nanostability, and ceramic coating for accident tolerant Zircaloy fuel cladding. These scientific explorations initiated high efficient optimization and design of new ceramics for extreme environments.

4:15 PM Question and Answer Period 

4:25 PM  Invited
Acta Materialia Hollomon Award for Materials and Society Lecture: Advanced Materials Manufacturing for Global MobilityWarren Poole11University of British Columbia

The movement of people, goods and energy around the planet is one of the defining challenges for our times. This includes aspects of safety, environmental impact and economic viability. In this talk, the role of advanced material solutions to lightweight vehicles in automotive applications will be examined with examples drawn from our work on magnesium, aluminum and advanced steels. In particular, the advantages of building collaborative research teams which bridge universities, national laboratories and industry will be discussed to tackle this grand challenge. Finally, some observations will be made on how this research can be integrated into education programs at the undergraduate and Master’s level. 

4:45 PM Question and Answer Period