The laboratory will focus on researching electrolytes and electrode materials for high-performance batteries, while the application technology centre will aim to improve service and to develop  solutions for the battery industry in Japan. The facilities will be fully operational by the end of 2013.

“The new Amagasaki Battery Materials Lab will enable us to extend our successful R&D network with research institutes and the industry into Japan,” said Dr Andreas Fischer, vice president, battery research and electrochemistry at BASF. “Our aim is to develop innovative materials for high-performance batteries that will significantly improve battery performance for electric cars and consumer applications.” 

The company will work with existing BASF research platforms in Amagasaki. “By extending our local R&D infrastructure we can successfully involve the competences of our researchers from other BASF divisions,” Fischer stated.

According to Dr Joerg-Christian Steck, representative director and president of BASF Japan, the country is one of the leading sites for battery manufacturing and development. “Being present in Japan brings us closer to our customers and helps us better serve their needs," he said.

Dr Adrian Steinmetz, vice president, Battery Materials at BASF, said the Amagasaki Battery Materials Lab will allow BASF to provide customized solutions to highly developed battery companies in the region and throughout Japan. “This includes battery materials solutions for both consumer electronics like smartphones and tablet computers as well as electromobility," he said.

The first researchers will start their work at the new laboratory in April 2013.

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