Zenergy Power GmbH, a supplier of superconductor technology for electric power utilities and industrial customers, has been working in collaboration with ThyssenKrupp VDM, a manufacturer of high-performance materials to develop the wires for wind power generator applications. The total costs of the project are estimated at € 1.5 million.

The research focuses on superconductors which enable a virtually resistance-free flow of electricity at comparatively high temperatures. In the past, the very low operating temperature of superconductors (around -269°C) ruled out many potential applications.
The superconductors in question are band-shaped and have a three-layer architecture. A metallic carrier tape is first coated with a buffer material on the surface of which the superconductive layer is then applied. The carrier tape is a foil of max 0.08 mm thickness and made of a special nickel tungsten alloy developed by ThyssenKrupp VDM. The three-layer composite material is less than half 1 mm thick and up to 20 m wide.
“Becoming the supplier of structured nickel tape for this type of superconductive wire is an important step for ThyssenKrupp VDM,” said Dr. Jutta Kloewer, head of research and development at ThyssenKrupp VDM. “The move opens up further growth perspectives in energy industry procurement.”