Ro-Quench 100 was developed due to increasing demand for lightweight metals, catalysts, brazing alloys and new magnetic materials created from these materials, the company says.

"We've seen increasing demand from research establishments both in the UK and overseas specifically requiring a small scale melt spinner for research into the special properties of rapidly solidified materials," Glynn McCluskey of PSI told Metal Powder Report. "The applications and materials are diverse; shape memory alloys are being looked at for a wide range of applications from dental to automotive but perhaps the biggest push is in the green energy sector, particularly to fuel HVAC systems. New materials such as CIGS are being developed for higher efficiency solar panels and there is a significant amount of work being carried to develop nanomagnetic materials for improved transformer cores."
The Ro-Quench 100 has a100g crucible capacity and crucible material options for wide range of applications. It has an adjustable nozzle position, and a range of slit widths. There is an optional pumping mechanisms offer high vacuum capabilities.