The HERMIGA 75/5 EAC with hot gas has improved flexibility and high performance, the company says.

The atomisers are suitable for advanced metal powders research work.
“Over recent years, the powder metallurgy industry has seen subtle shifts in requirements as new technologies developed and applications demanded the supply of powder to increasingly specific criteria," said Glynn McCluskey of PSI. "By far the largest use of powder (in terms of volume) was, and still is, for HIP applications.”
“PSI atomisers are particularly efficient and best used to produce clean, spherical powders with relatively low (<75µm) medians," McCluskey added.
The use of hot gas as the atomising medium can increase the yield of the continually decreasing powder sizes demanded by powder spray, laser, MIM and µMIM manufacturing methods, he says.
“As part of its continual product improvement PSI designed more efficient and significantly smaller heater units, optimised atomisation dies to make best use of the higher atomisation energies and introduced energy efficient gas cooling and recirculation systems specifically for its hot gas systems.”