The MIM School started in 2005, and is a two-day training seminar for those wishing to learn more about the MIM process. It covers the technical aspects of MIM from the materials technology of metal powders to the compounding and secondary processes, through the use of both classroom and hands-on training on the manufacturing floor.

The year for the first time the seminar will include a course on the company's 3D printing capabilities. Following the launch of its new division, 3D Material Technologies, ARC has been purchasing a range of metal and plastic 3D printing equipment. The new course will give students the opportunity to get hands-on experience with a number of new 3D printing technologies.

The 2014 classes are free to attend for registered applicants only, and will be held on 19-20 February, 21-22 May, 20-21 August and 12-13 November.