ISO 9001 covers quality assurance, ISO 14001 environmental issues, and certification according to ISO 50001 covers Arburg’s use of energy-efficiency throughout the company.
According to international certification organization TÜV Süd, “The core of ISO 50001 is the continuous enhancement of an organisation’s energy-related performance. The standard outlines the requirements that an organisation needs to fulfil for the purposes of introducing, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system. This systematic approach is intended to enable an organisation to improve its energy-related performance, increase its energy efficiency and optimise its energy utilisation.”
Arburg says that it aims to manufacture energy-efficient injection moulding machines in an energy-efficient production system. In future, a key component of the energy management system will involve energy measurements to work out how much energy is used and where it is consumed in the energy-intensive production process. As well as this, increasing numbers of Allrounder injection moulding machines now bear the Arburg e² energy-efficiency label. Arburg’s facility also uses geothermal energy, photovoltaics, block-type thermal power plants, rain water, wind power and production-generated heat as well as the natural ventilation and extraction.