Thixoforming LLC makes MIM components from magnesium powder.
Thixoforming LLC makes MIM components from magnesium powder.

ARC has also acquired Advance Tooling Concepts, one of the industry’s leading plastic injection moulders.

Thixoforming, founded in 1997, is located near to ARC’s Colorado MIM business, and will rounds out ARC’s injection moulding services and improve the company’s position in the injection moulding industry, ARC says. Thixoforming also adds an additional customer base for ARC’s 3D printing division, to which it can offer rapid prototyping and short run production services. 

 “ARC’s acquisition of ATC and Thixoforming provide a strategic fit within our calculated growth plan,” said Jason T Young, chairman and CEO of ARC.

Holistic solutions

“The companies add key capabilities, and accelerate our goal of being a holistic solutions provider for our customer base – from product development, to prototyping, to low- to high-volume production. Further, in-house tooling enables ARC to reduce its lead time, and help our customers get to market quicker, a key focus of our strategy.”