AP&C, part of Raymor Industries, a manufacturer of carbon nanotubes, has been supplying PM to Arcam since 2006. According to the company, this acquisition is part of Arcam’s bid to secure a supply of high quality titanium powder.

AP&C uses proprietary plasma atomization technology to produce metal powders, with titanium alloy powder being its most important product. A significant part of itssales is to the 3D printing industry, while other markets include metal injection moulding (MIM), powders for spray coatingsand well as powders for HIPed components. Arcam and the team at AP&C intend to continue to expand the powder business and advance the plasma atomization technology.

The AP&C division is expected to generate CA$6.5 million of revenue during 2013 with an EBITDA result of about CA$1.5 million. The acquired business, with currently 29 employees, will become a subsidiary of Arcam and continue operating with the existing management team.

“With this acquisition Arcam secures access to the optimum production of high grade metal powders for our customers and we also add technology and expertise in powder metal production for 3D printing in general and other advanced applications,” said Magnus René, president and CEO of Arcam. “This acquisition is consistent with our growth strategy, complements our technology and product portfolio, and is immediately accretive. We are very pleased to welcome the skilled team at AP&C to the Arcam group.”

“With this deal we will be a part of the leading company in 3D printing in metals. Because of our long term close cooperation with Arcam we know that this deal will give us a very good platform for continued growth in the 3D printing industry,” said Jacques Mallette, president of Raymor Industries and future president of Arcam’s powder business. “Being part of a larger group will also help in accelerating growth to better service the overall metal powder market.”