The automotive/transmission category was won by GKN Sinter Metals for a fully integrated planetary carrier and rocker-style one-way clutch assembly, an industry first. Designed and made for Ford Motor Company and used in the Ford Super Duty truck five-speed automatic transmission, the application is a three-piece sinter-brazed planetary carrier.

Smith Metal Products won the hand tools/recreation category for a 17-4 PH stainless steel hunting arrow tip – called a shuttle T-lock broadhead – made by metal injection moulding (MIM) for Trophy Taker, Inc, while FloMet LLC won the grand prize in the aerospace/military category for a safe and arm rotor used in an explosive device for a DOD application. Advanced Materials Technologies Pte Ltd won the grand prize in the industrial motors/controls & hydraulics category for four complex 316L stainless steel MIM parts – lock cover, lock barrel pin, lock barrel boss, and lock barrel square – assembled into a locking device for heavy machinery operating in harsh environments.
The competition judges gave out eight awards of distinction. PMG Füssen GmbH won an Award of Distinction in the automotive/engine category for a complex PM steel crankshaft sprocket used in a V-6 engine. The part is made for iwis motorsysteme GmbH & Co KG. PMG Indiana Corporation received an award of distinction in the automotive/transmission category for a one-way clutch outer race made for EXEDY Globalparts Corporation. ASCO Sintering Company won in the hardware/appliances category for a high-strength sinter-hardened PM steel dead-locking lever used in a 40H Series high-security mortise lock made by Stanley Security Solutions, Inc. The other award of distinction in this category was won by Capstan Atlantic for a high-density transfixed pinion gear and sector used in a high-volume printing application.
In the hand tools/recreation category, Burgess-Norton Mfg Co won an award of distinction for a final belt-drive sprocket which transmits torque from the transmission to the rear wheel on a motorcycle, while Megamet Solid Metals, Inc won in this category for an upswept grip safety used in the 1911-style 45-caliber pistol made by Colt’s Manufacturing Company, LLC. Lovejoy Sintered Solutions LLC won two awards of distinction in the industrial motors/controls & hydraulics category. The first was for a rotating machine counterweight used in a refrigeration compressor for truck trailers, and the second for a PM steel tensioner assembly made for its customer Rosta AG.