Dynacast can now produce small, complex components using a wider variety of metals.

The MIM process is suitable for producing small and even micro-size components, often with very complex geometries, using metals such as stainless steel, titanium and copper.  Dynacast has been manufacturing small and medium-sized die cast components for more than 70 years using aluminium, magnesium and zinc alloys. By adding MIM as a new service offering, the company can produce more precision-engineered components for its customers.
"We are delighted to be adding MIM to our service offerings," said Simon Newman , president and CEO of Dynacast. "This process is a natural fit for Dynacast, as it only sharpens our focus on providing small, complex components to our customers and it opens up a whole new market for us.”
Besides MIM, Dynacast has two existing manufacturing processes: die casting and injected metal assembly (IMA). These processes are used to make metal components and assemblies.
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