The products and services will cover the production of precious metal parts and consulting with regards to EOS’ direct metal laser-sintering (DMLS) design process, the development and production of special precious metal alloys and the installation of a bespoken solution chain for high volume jewellery production. To start with, CPM  will offer AM capacities enabling the production of designs made of 18 ct yellow gold (3N colour).


CPM supplies fabricated precious metals - primarily gold, silver and platinum – and can supply fair-trade gold from a recycled source. This utilises above ground stocks of recycled gold instead of using new metal direct from the mines which can be damaging to the earth. 
“With CPM we found a perfect partner to introduce our innovative and paradigm-shifting technology to the luxury goods industry. We truly believe that our AM process offers a huge potential for these industries and a freedom of design that they have long been searching for,” said Dr. Adrian Keppler, executive vice president strategy and business development at EOS. 
“With EOS, we now join forces with the market and quality leader in AM,” said Stella Layton, Global vice president at Cookson Precious Metals. “With the EOS technology, 3D bespoke jewellery and watch components can be created from CAD files.”