FMS manufactures parts using a sinter-hardened chromium steel manufacturing process, which involves warm compaction and high-temperature vacuum sintering. This replaces the traditional method of cold pressing, sintering, and heat treating. The process enables FMS to make parts that meet all strength requirements and serve as a low-cost alternative to 4140 and 8620 heat-treated steel and some forgings. Parts can range in size from a few grams to five pounds.

“FMS has been around since 1945 and has a long history and great in-depth knowledge of powder metal technology,” said Derek Rasmussen, TM&S president. “Its proprietary chromium steel manufacturing process can work for many industrial applications, from power take-offs (PTOs), to electronic mechanical switches, to gears for gear boxes, and is a much less expensive alternative to steel machining. We are happy to add FMS to our roster of powder metal offerings.”

In addition to press and sinter PM, FMS manufactures micro MIM components. This trade secret process produces micro parts with extremely high tolerances and is suitable for stainless steel components.