The report, titled “Global Additive Manufacturing Market (2012 - 2017)”, is published by MarketsandMarkets.

Other names for AM are additive fabrication, additive processes, additive techniques, additive layer manufacturing, layer manufacturing, and freeform fabrication. It currently involves various industries, namely, motor vehicles, consumer products, business machines, medical, academic, aerospace, government/military, and others (architecture, paleontology, and forensic pathology).

Global AM for medical devices market is fragmented into different categories based on its materials, products, application, and technology. The materials segment comprises homogeneous and heterogeneous, whereas the product category includes surgical equipment, prosthetics and implants, and tissue engineering. The global additive manufacturing for medical devices market, by technology, comprises electron beam melting, laser beam melting, photopolymerization, droplet deposition (dd) or extrusion-based technologies, and three dimensional printing or adhesion bonding, while the application segment includes orthopedic, dental, cranio-maxillofacial, and bio-engineering.

A large number of technological innovations in additive manufacturing procedures have been witnessed in the past years, the report suggests. “Newer technologies are coming up with rapid and accurate development of products in a cost-effective manner, contributing to encourage widespread adoption of the additive manufacturing procedures by manufactures worldwide,” the report noted.