The conference takes place every three years and is organised by the International HIP Committee, or IHC. It will focus on trends, developments and innovations in the field of hot isostatic pressing (HIP) technology and will cover topics such as material development, production of near net shape (NNS) components, part design and process modeling.  Aspects related to powder metallurgy processing, diffusion bonding and part densification will also be included.

IHC was formed in 1991 at a HIP conference in Osaka, Japan.  The primary objective of this group is to organise a HIP-specific conference. The IHC conferences remain the only technical/trade shows completely focused upon isostatic pressing technology. In 2014, selected IHC members and local industry leaders will team with Jernkontoret, the Swedish Steelmaking Association, to organize HIP 14.  A formal call for papers will be issued soon.
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