A1080 was developed by Subcommittee A01.18 on Castings, part of ASTM International Committee A01 on Steel, Stainless Steel and Related Alloys.

According to John Schleicher, technical/development sales manager, Orchid Orthopedics, and an A01.18 member, HIP can be used in place of typical thermal processing for some alloys and can be used to reduce rework and salvage time. In addition, the HIP process can enhance material properties for certain materials and can be used, in certain applications, to diffusion bond two pieces together.

"The new standard is intended to demonstrate the minimum amount of process control/monitoring required to control the HIP process," Schleicher explained. "ASTM A1080 will benefit the users who don't currently have their own internal documents or procedures for HIP. Many people are not aware of the HIP process and this standard will provide manufacturers with much-needed information to use the process."