Indo-MIM at the MPIF Design Awards
Indo-MIM at the MPIF Design Awards

Indo-MIM earned the grand prize in the automotive-engine category for four MIM parts: a blank discharge check, stop discharge check valve, valve discharge check, and CRV spring seat-that goes into a device which controls fuel flow in gasoline direct injection (GDI) and pumps. The design was judged by the fabricator to be perhaps the most complex and high-volume part ever made by MIM. The customer realized cost savings of close to 35%, while the pump performance was improved by modifying the whole geometry to enhance flow dynamics, with the result being a 10-to-20% fuel economy boost.

In the automotive chassis category, Indo-MIM received the award of distinction for the spur gear, which is used in the rear-door assembly of SUVs to enable their opening in the event of loss of automatic control function. Made via MIM and achieving estimated savings of 30% in the process, this gear is an example of MIM's ability to meet close tolerances on concentricity and perpendicularity on a part with such a lengthy gear profile. The fabricator delivers 720,000 parts annually.

In addition to this, Indo-MIM received the award of distinction in the hardware/appliances category for three parts – output shaft, lever and cover – that are assembled into the quick-change mechanism of a Dremel multitool. The mechanism allows for the swapping of any tool bit within seconds.

As-sintered condition

In the medical/ dental category, Indo-MIM received an award of distinction for a sound tube used in a hearing aid for one of its customers. Fabricated via MIM, the part achieves all its features in the as-sintered condition, with only glass bead blasting for a better finish performed as a secondary operation. The part provides 20% cost savings over competing forming processes and the fabricator delivers 500,000 parts annually.

"Indo-MIM has always claimed to give a platform for innovative thinking and being recognized globally in such a platform proves again and again that sky is the limit for Indo-MIM to showcase its outstanding skills and capabilities,” said Jagadish Holla, vice president (marketing).