Linde has installed a protective-atmosphere safety monitoring system in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association’s ‘Standard for Ovens and Furnaces’ (NFPA 86) in its heat treatment furnaces.

Heat treatment furnaces depend on nitrogen supply to help operators initiate a safety purge with inert gas of the flammable atmosphere, and NFPA 86 requires proper monitoring and controls to reduce fire and explosion hazards.

Linde’s furnace safety system is designed to monitor nitrogen supply levels, and signals operators to low conditions with an audible alarm and strobe. To help ensure availability of supply for the flammable atmosphere nitrogen purge, the integral alarm panel provides indicators for low liquid-nitrogen level, low nitrogen pressure, and low nitrogen-supply temperature.

The system can be installed on new or existing nitrogen supply systems for all common types of heat treatment furnaces, and can be tailored to the needs of the operation. 

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