The DMU 50 machine features a NC swivel rotary table, high rigidity, and a large bearing diameter in the B and C-axis.

A five-axis machining centre uses two axes in addition to the standard three axes (X/Y/Z), so the tool can move along five different planes. This allows the part to be fixed just once as the tools and the table rotate according to the CNC specifications. The result is parts that are produced with high precision and detail and tight tolerances.

Morris Technologies will use the DMU 50 machine to produce complex parts for the medical, aerospace, and other industries. The new mill improves the company's machining capabilities, which also includes EDM and Swiss turn.

"Until now, we've had a very complete shop, but the one missing piece of the puzzle was a five-axis (machine)," said Adam Collins, machining manager. "We now have a facility that rivals others in the industry. This is really exciting for us."