The 2016 edition of Standard Test Methods for Metal Powders and Powder Metallurgy Products has been released by the MPIF.

 The standards are used in the manufacture of both metal powder and powder metallurgy products and are reportedly required by quality assurance programs in order to maintain full compliance.

The MPIF Standard Test Methods publication contains 42 standards covering terminology and recommended methods of test for metal powders, powder metallurgy and injection molded parts, metallic filters, and powder metallurgy equipment. These standards, intended to present and clarify PM technology as an aid in conducting business, relate to those activities that concern designers, manufacturers, and users of PM parts.

The 2016 edition contains revisions to 27 standards, including major rewrites of Standards 10 (PM Tensile Properties) and 32 (Estimating Particle Size Using Air Permeability) and includes new Precision Statements for 5 standards.

A new, General Information VI section has been added to this edition that provides details (QR codes and Internet links) on viewing educational video clip demonstrations of the working mechanics of a number of cited test methods.

The MPIF notes that publication of the 2016 Edition of this standard renders the 2012 Edition, and prior editions, obsolete.

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