By Kari Williamson

The powder metallurgy achievement award is presented every four years and will next be presented at the PowderMet2012 conference, on 10-13 June, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

The international powder metallurgy community is invited to nominate candidates for consideration by 1 February.

Eligibility and qualifications

Candidates must have the following qualifications:

  • Have been active in one or more segments of the powder metallurgy industry for the major portion of his or her working career;
  • Individual talents, contributions and achievements are such, that they have received industry-wide recognition and are not limited to within one’s own company, institution or region;
  • For the purposes of this poweder metallurgy award, outstanding talents, contributions and achievements can include ingenuity, creativity, foresight, courage, confidence and continuing efforts that have fostered, nourished or enhanced the growth or acceptance of powder metallurgy and related technologies in all fields of endeavour, including but not limited to: research and development efforts; process or product design; manufacturing; management and leadership; technology advancement; industry promotion and marketing; speaking; article publication; teaching or consulting.