The workshop will be held in Kolkata, India.
The workshop will be held in Kolkata, India.

By Liz Nickels

Near net shape manufacturing of precision engineering components is an emerging way to achieve higher productivity at lower cost. The availability of advanced technologies and modern process chains has resulted in novel net shape manufacturing routes obviating the need for costly and time consuming traditional techniques.

The ceramics, metallurgical and materials processing industries could be poised for revolutionary changes in the wake of several advanced technologies which are being developed across the globe for near net shape manufacturing of precision components, including powder injection moulding (PIM), spray forming and additive manufacturing.

 The workshop is aimed at introducing some technologies to the participating delegates. Speakers from India and abroad from academia and industry will deliver talks on:

  • Replicative near net shape forming of glass aspheric lenses
  • Dieless sheet metal forming
  • Laser-aided intelligent manufacturing of metallic components
  • Powder injection moulding of ceramic and composites
  • Spray forming and field assisted sintering
  • Additive manufacturing of precision parts
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