BMV will now represent AT&M in Europe, where it already markets products from Eurotungstene, France (W, W/Cu, Ni, FeNi), AP&C (Raymor), Canada (Ti), Hilderbrand CH (Ag, Au, Pd) and H.C. Starck (refractory metal components) and Wall Colmonoy UK (Fe-base thermal spray powders).

“AT&M is pleased to have reached this agreement with BMV,” said Jing Chenghai, general manager of AT&M’s PM division. “It enables us to ensure stringent and successful marketing of our powder products, especially for use in MIM, and to learn about the particular market requirements in Europe.”

“The completion of the portfolio with fine stainless and low alloyed steels as well as super alloys is a perfect match with our existing product range and contributes to the company’s long-term strategy,” said Harald Burkard, owner and managing director of BMV.

Based in Beijing, China, AT&M has produced atomised powders for more than 40 years for a range of powder manufacturing technology including open air gas, vacuum gas, conventional water atomisation and high-pressure water atomisation. The scope of powders covers Fe-, Ni- and Co-base alloys. AT&M says that the partnership will allow AT&M to follow the strong growth rates of the MIM industry on a long term basis.
The partnership became effective April 20, 2011.