Osterwalder's new electric press.
Osterwalder's new electric press.

The press can be used to make ceramic and tungsten carbide parts.

Servo-electric drive systems are superior to hydraulic closed-loop drive systems because they are more constant over time and relatively easy to manage by software, Osterwalder says. There is far less unplanned and planned downtime since there is no oil involved, requiring filtering and regular changing and with a risk of leaking.

The CA-HM 320 Electric  is equipped with 2 upper and 3 lower high precision servo-electric axes. The withdrawal principle for the die drive allows an easy control of the demoulding process. In contrary to the ejection principle, there is also no need for a lower drive with the nominal force. This decreases the complexity and cost of the press. The upper outer punch (main punch) is driven by a 32 ton axis, whereas the axes for the upper and lower inner punches deliver 16 tons of force.

The fixed lower outer punch takes 32 tons. A fully closed loop controlled third axis with 4 tons of force can be used for the core rod or as third lower punch axis.

All axes are without mechanical stops and work in full closed loop mode throughout the entire press cycle.

The CA-HM 320 Electric is equipped with a software package that allows operators to easily program a part. The press is not only able to press complex parts with multi-level tooling, but also single level precision parts.