The two original tours to Kennametal AMSG GmbH and Hartmetall AG,will be joined by two new tours, Institute for Medical and Analytical Technologies, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and RMS Foundation. 

The Institute for Medical and Analytical Technologies carries out research and development in the innovative environment of medicine, industry and academia in the areas of in vivo diagnostics and therapeutic systems. Their work is focused on patient-specific solutions and the analysis of medical data. The tour will cover:

  •  A demonstration of selective laser melting device for production of net shaped implants made of Ti and NiTi including a look at prototypes of implants manufactured by this new technique.
  •  Material Science: Materialographic and surface analysis.
  •  Demonstration of application of computer technology in modern medicine (patient specific design of implants, use of computer for planning of operations).
  •  Modification of implant surfaces. Static and dynamic mechanical testing of implants.
The RMS Foundation is a research and testing institute offering testing services in the fields of medical and materials technology as well as mechanical process engineering. Its engineers work in the fields of biomechanics, properties and biocompatibility of materials and surfaces, the evaluation of implant systems, as well as materials technology and innovative process manufacturing. Additional focus will be on the research of the potential of tissue substitutes, especially of bone substitutes and scaffolds for cartilage-tissue.
The RMS tour will provide an introductory presentation of the RMS with a short overview on research activities and interests, followed by a laboratory tour looking at mechanical and materials testing and surface analysis.
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