The agreement "will allow the companies to combine their strengths and know-how for PM presses with pressing forces higher than 2000 kN", a press release said. Osterwalder and Sacmi will still make available to the market their UPP and KPP series and MPH series, respectively.

Sacmi plans to focus on equipment manufacture, while Osterwalder will focus on the development, engineering, sales and service of the UPP and KPP series.

The agreement also allows Sacmi to use existing manufacturing capacities more efficiently. Osterwalder AG will concentrate on servo-electric driven compaction technology for hard metal and special material applications as well as on equipment for iron powder applications with pressing forces of up to 2000 kN, at its Lyss, Switzerland plant.

One of the first developmente following the agreement will  be the redesign of some of Osterwalder’s large presses. The launch dates for the KPP generation II and UPP generation II will be published in the near future.