The company says that the 25,000 ft2 facility will bring in over 100 skilled technical jobs over the next few years in the field of MIM for the firearms, medical, telecommunications, hand tools, semiconductor and electronic packaging industries.

According to Peter Frost, ATW’s president, MIM has been only gaining traction as a mainstream production process over the last fifteen years. Manufacturing of metal components using MIM technology could enable US companies to stay within the US for sourcing components, due to MIM’s high manufacturing capability and competitive pricing.

The new factory is equipped with up to date MIM debinding machines and a high-tech sintering furnace due to a US$3 million dollar investment in equipment and installation. It has a custom layout that will make it possible to maintain the MIM manufacturing process and ensure consistency. 

“We are excited to open our doors at the new facility,” said Frost. “We anticipate a steady growth over the next two to three years, and are hoping to get our employee count up to about 100 or so.”