Parmatech Corporation focuses on metal injection moulding and secondary MIM operations for the medical, telecommunications, firearms, hand tools, semiconductor, and electronic packaging markets.

It was founded in San Rafael, California, in 1973 by four entrepreneurs to develop and commercialise new powder injection moulding (PIM) technology for producing ceramic capillaries for the booming semiconductor industry.
In 1980, Parmatech was granted the first MIM patent, and given exclusive manufacturing and licensing rights. MIM quickly found a niche in typewriter and dot matrix printer components. New markets followed, from disk drive components to parts for firearms. The technology really took off after Parmatech won design awards from the MPIF for a 2-inch diameter ring-shaped screw seal used in the flap mechanism of Boeing 707 and 727 airliners, and for niobium-based alloy parts used in a Rocketdyne rocket thrust system.
Parmatech was acquired by ATW in 2003 from Carpenter Technology, which had purchased the company in 1995. In 2009, Parmatech acquired the Proform metal injection moulding operation of Morgan Advanced Ceramics (MAC), to add an East Coast presence to augment and complement its California-based MIM operation.
Parmatech is planning several events to mark the anniversary, including celebrations honouring its customers, vendors, and employees.