The PIM 2013 Market Study compiled by Prof. Randall M. German and Prof. Sundar V. Atre has been released. The 160-page report emerges from data collected for nearly 800 organizations associated with the powder injection molding (PIM) industry and includes metals, ceramics, cemented carbides and composites. The data was derived from company self-reports, on-line surveys, trade associations, conference reports, magazine articles, subscription business compilations, facility visits, investor reports, interviews, news releases, and other reports. With 15 years of history in assembling data on the PIM companies, their products, sales, powder consumption, employment, materials, key customers, and vendors, considerable historical trend analysis arises beyond the situational report.

This report provides an intense focus on PIM and is intended to provide facts for assessment of operations, productivity, financial performance, and relative evaluation for merger-acquisition activity. This report serves by identifying current actors, customers, vendors and suppliers, market trends, materials, and industry concerns. Embedded in the report are details on market segmentation by geography, and emerging concerns.

The PIM 2013 Market Study is organized to show where the technologies came from, the relative market position in terms of production facilities, customers, and materials around the world, and forecasts for the future. Once current statistics are accumulated, prime interest emerges on comparative statistics. To help in the corporate and regional benchmarking, data are included on geographic differences, showing differences in sales, materials, applications, productivity, and financial performance. Specific attention is given to growth opportunities and any new markets.

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