NTN Corporation, a Japanese producer of mechanical parts and equipment, reports that its consolidated subsidiaries NTN Powder Metal Corporation and Nippon Kagaku Yakin Co Ltd have merged, with the aim of improving their developmental capabilities for new products and increasing the speed of development. The resulting new company will be called NTN Advanced Materials Corporation.

NTN Powder Metal Corporation was established in Ama District, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, in 1966, and has been involved in the manufacture and sales of sintered products made from powdered metals. In recent years, the company successfully developed high-strength sintered products with major improvements made to fatigue strength and density. Nippon Kagaku Yakin Co Ltd was established in 1947, and makes sintered alloy products and magnetic material products required for voltage conversion and noise rejection of medical devices and industrial machineries. It joined the NTN Group in September, 2011.

NTN Advanced Materials Corporation will cover the manufacture and sales of composite material products, such as products that use powders and alloys made of powder, products that use carbon, and products that use high-molecular weight materials.

‘With the merger of these two companies, NTN is aiming to complement their relative technologies and knowhow to strengthen its collective technical capabilities,’ the company said in a press release. ‘With advances being made to autonomous driving technology, NTN is also focusing more on high value-added products such as next-generation unit products and module products for electric vehicles.’

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