A MIM part made by Protolabs.  (Photo: Businesswire)
A MIM part made by Protolabs. (Photo: Businesswire)

Revenue for the third quarter of 2014 from additive services (3D printing) through the company’s Fineline acquisition completed last April increased to US$3.4 million, a 38% increase when compared to Fineline's third quarter of 2013.

The record quarterly revenue was achieved through a 19% increase in the number of product developers served combined with an increase of 3 percent in spending per product developer.

"We achieved strong revenue growth in the third quarter, especially in light of the weakness we experienced in our European markets,” said Vicki Holt, president and CEO of Proto Labs. “While our European business was flat compared to the previous year, our North American business excluding our Fineline operation grew 26%.


"We remain on track with our integration of Fineline and continue to see the value of our additive offering combined with our legacy services of injection moulding and CNC machining,” she added. "The new services we have rolled out this year through our Protoworks initiatives, LSR moulding and metal injection moulding, have been well-received and remain on track to provide more meaningful revenue in 2015."