Powder injection molding (PIM) specialist Professor Randall M German will give a one-day tutorial on powder injection molding during PM China, which takes place from 27–29 April in Shanghai. 

PM China takes place from 27–29 April in Shanghai.
PM China takes place from 27–29 April in Shanghai.

The topics covered include:

  • Powder and binder selection                       
  • Feedstock formulation and characteristics
  • Tooling design
  • Processing and manufacturing decisions             
  • Equipment options and merits                     
  • Cost contributions, process yield, inspection         
  • Component design                                 
  • Materials, properties, and performance issues       
  • Testing techniques and options                    
  • Means to avoid defects                           
  • Unit manufacturing cells                          
  • Plant layout options                              
  • Process optimization and computer simulations     
  • Identification of ideal applications                  
  • Markets, applications, and economic parameters        
  • Industry structure and standards                      
  • Emerging (aerospace, medical, dental, and energy)      
  • Innovations and emerging trends                      
  • Some high profit targets for PIM.                

The one day seminar taking place on 26 April is suitable for engineers, manufacturing personnel, educators, and students as well as  new employees in existing PIM/MIM firms, business development managers, marketing and sales engineers, designers and users of MIM, and the growing array of suppliers and equipment vendors.

Previously only available in North America, the seminar has been custom designed for presentation in Shanghai with the tutorial material in both English and Chinese.

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