The company is also using the powder-based technique used by the DMLS machine to manufacture to almost any design.

“Medical device OEMs operate in a highly competitive market. We want to leverage Sandvik’s long experience within powder metallurgy to deliver real value to OEMs and so must continuously introduce new manufacturing techniques,” said Tord Lendau, president Sandvik MedTech. “Medical device manufacturers can now capitalise on enhanced capabilities and improve the speed to market of their new designs and innovations.”

“Prototyping is an important stage in the creation of a new device, since it provides the opportunity to explore the design and make the necessary adjustments prior to full production. However, most rapid prototyping processes do not produce a working model while those that do are time consuming and more expensive,” said John Reynolds, special projects manager at Sandvik. “By using the DMLS machine we can bring to bear rapid production techniques that enable us to quickly and cost-effectively manufacture a working prototype. We can also now manufacture almost any design the OEM can create, irrespective of the complexity of the geometry.”