Sciaky launched its direct manufacturing (DM) process, a large-scale, fully programmable means of achieving near-net shape parts made of titanium, tantalum, inconel and other high-value metals. These range up to 19 feet in length, 4 feet in width and 4 feet high.

Sciaky uses computer-aided design (CAD), electron beam welding technology and layer-additive processing. How it works: The moving electron beam welding gun deposits metal, layer by layer, until the part is complete and ready for finish machining. Deposition rates typically range from 7 to 20 pounds per hour, depending upon part geometry and the material selected.

"Sciaky is proud to release the new Direct Manufacturing video," said Mike Riesen, general manager. "This technology, which has been called 'game-changing' by Lockheed Martin, continues to push boundaries for manufacturers looking to save time and money over traditional manufacturing and prototyping processes."

To view the new video, click here