Testing of variations in magnetic characteristics using the company’s new Koerzimat systems helps measure the quality of sintered components and raw materials.   

The parameters tested include coercivity field strength measurement (HcJ measurement) to IEC 60404-7 (EN 10330). It is a material-dependent variable that depends greatly on individual proportions in the case of alloys, as well as upon the composition, grain and particle size of non-ferromagnetic elements in the microstructure, the production process, thermal treatment and internal and external mechanical stress.

The systems can also measure saturation magnetisation to IEC 60404-14, making it possible to measure the proportion of magnetisable materials, such as the martensite or ferrite proportion of steel, for example.
The process of sintering carbide metal powders can be monitored by determining the proportion taken up by the magnetisable binding agent (cobalt or nickel).