Andreas Evertz, the new CEO of Walter AG.
Andreas Evertz, the new CEO of Walter AG.

The combination of the tooling giant’s Helitronic Vision CNC tool grinder and Walter’s just-announced NXis Ortho software represents a package solution specifically designed to allow orthopaedic parts manufacturers to take prototypes seamlessly from 3-D model to high-quality finished product in faster than ever programming, set-up and machining times.

The machine, says the company, is capable of processing rotary HSS and carbide tools from 3mm to 320mm diameter and up to 370mm long for length/contour grinding and 300mm long for length/face grinding at speeds that are up to 30 per cent more productive that comparable machines. The resulting workpieces are produced in short cycle times and to surface finishes of 0.1 Ra.
The NXis Ortho package handles parts from design through 3-D simulation of the machining programme, “testing” the complete machining process on the ultra-fast (up to 50 m/min) Helitronic Vision – including the operation of the grinding wheels and tools, as well as dressing routines.
This enables likely production problems to be identified and eliminated before manufacture commences. The result is faster “right first time” parts to market and lower manufacturing costs.
  • Andreas Evertz will become CEO of Walter AG on 1 April, as Peter Witteczek retires from the position. Mr Evertz joined Walter AG in 2008 and is responsible for Research and Development, Logistics and Production on the Executive Board. He has been acting as Deputy CEO since October 2009. Prior to joining Walter, he held various managerial positions at Flender AG and was most recently managing director at Flender Tübingen GmbH.